Why subscribe?

Perhaps my ideas are intriguing to you and you wish to?

I’m under no illusions, I’m quite aware that most of what will get sent out will end up sitting in your inbox, unread, first for days, because you’ll get to it, you swear, and then they’ll just start piling up and eventually get purged when there’s an urge to go all Inbox Zero.

It’s okay. I’m okay with it. I hope my posts will be regular; to borrow an idea from She Who Must Not Be Named, it’s a digital pensieve.


Does it cost anything?

Not at the moment, no. I don’t know how regular they’ll be.

Can I forward them?

Yeah, sure.

Why here?

  • Medium is weird, and the social nature makes it easy for someone to accidentally start getting transexclusionary articles sent to one’s email with no way of clearing the history, not that I know from personal experience at all.

  • Patreon is getting weird with whatever’s going on with the new vc-driven business model.

  • Facebook is Facebook.

  • Tumblr got bought by Yahoo!, then got merged into Oath with aol.’s old rump properties (according to the Oath rep who tried to sell me on their ad tech) which became Verizon Media Group. Once they banned porn and lost hundreds of millions of visitors to their site, well...

  • WordPress is a blog and I don’t really want to deal with that after having to work on custom code for it all day.

  • I’m a bit too lazy to really put in the effort of putting a publishing platform on my own server.